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2023 Sunglasses Trends, and How to Pick the Right Pair

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March 13, 2023

I’m Abby!.
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The Bay Area has had some pretty wild wind storms and rain showers lately, but you can still count on the sun to peek through the clouds for some much-needed Vitamin D. But be careful! The Skin Cancer Foundation warns that while clouds do protect us from some of the sun’s UV rays, there is always a risk of potential sun damage: so I recommend that you always keep a pair of sunglasses on you even when you don’t think you’ll need them. Read more to learn about this year’s sunglasses trends, and how to pick a pair that will best suit your specific face shape. (Click HERE for help determining this!)

Image by melazerg / iStock

Space-Motomami Goggles

2022 was all about Balenciaga’s Bat Rectangle Sunglasses in silver and a high-class motorcycle-chic look (thanks to Rosalia’s visual art and sounds from her album Motomami). This year we’ve already seen convergence between a new Space Age and motorcycling/cycling athleisure, starting with Maison Margiela and Korean experimental sunglasses (and optical glasses) brand GENTLE MONSTER’s February collaboration.


Square-shaped faces are in luck — a pair of sunglasses like these GENTLE MONSTER MM003 01’S will sit high and elongate your face, creating an overall balance. Rounded-rectangle frames will also highlight your angular jaw and cheekbones.


Tinted Frames

Have you been feeling tempted by the brightly-colored statement glasses on your feed, but would rather stick to a more timeless look? A pair of neutral-toned frames like these Square Sunglasses in Beige/Brown or Green by Celine will always look classic, and can be easily paired with any casual or dressier outfit. 


Oval-shaped faces arguably have the easiest time finding flattering sunglasses styles thanks to the evenness in their face’s weight — but Heart and Triangle-shaped faces could definitely rock a pair of cat-eye tinted frames too. A short, perky cat-eye with transparent frames will compliment the cheekbones well for faces that taper from the cheekbones to the chin.


All Black Square Sunglasses

If traditionally-feminine sunglasses have never felt quite right, it’s never been a better time to show up for yourself. Gender-neutral minimalism is in, and so are these all-black rectangle frames.


For Circle-shaped faces, I recommend trying on a pair of wide rectangular glasses like this pair from Burberry. You might find that the angles and boldness from the black will add definition to the right parts of your face.


Thank you so much for reading this article! I hope that this will be helpful for you when shopping for sunglasses this year — and remember, don’t be fooled by the overcast skies! Your eyes can always use the extra protection.

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