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Woman walks towards department store holding shopping bags

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to get started on gift shopping — and it’s always a good time to shop locally!  Read on for my 2023 Bay Area Gift Guide for ideas on what to buy for all your loved ones this year.

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16 outfits, 3 shoot locations, and days of editing later, we are so excited to finally share the photos and videos from our branding shoot!

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Read more to learn how to clean suede, leather, and how to best take care of your more specialty, higher-maintenance fabrics.

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low rise pants

Read more to learn about the history of low-rise fashion, and how you can style it in 2023!

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Summer is just around the corner, and it’s definitely warming up in the Bay Area! Whether you’re planning on visiting a local beach, going abroad, or taking the kids to an amusement park, you’ll want to pack with the heat in mind. Read more to learn about the hottest styles this Summer, and how you can style the best cooling fabrics.

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Search “color analysis” on TikTok, and you’ll find thousands of people’s reactions to how the appearance of their complexion changes depending on the surrounding swatches of color — but how accurate is it really, and what are the benefits of doing color analysis in-person as opposed to online?

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