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woman wearing square sunglasses and gold jewelry

The Bay Area has had some pretty wild wind storms and rain showers lately, but you can still count on the sun to peek through the clouds for some much-needed Vitamin D. Read more to learn about this year’s sunglasses trends, and how to pick a pair that will best suit your specific face shape.

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Collage of shoe trends, including pointy toed heels, mules, buckled boots, and rainboots

We’ve just about made it to 2023, everyone — and just like every other year, we can expect another four seasons of returned classics, questionable trends, and innovative designs that all push fashion into the future. Thinking ahead, I’d like to take a moment to make a few style predictions for what this next year […]

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collage of 2022 accessory trends

Every time December rolls around, I like to reflect on the whirlwind of trends that felt specific to this last year. 2022 was the year of the “it girl”, unexpected shoe comebacks and collaborations, vintage gold jewelry, and so much more. Don’t let them fly under your fashion radar, because some of them are definitely […]

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oversized sunglasses

A collection of my favorite small businesses in the Bay Area, and gift ideas for this holiday season.

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Different colorful shapes and sizes of sunglasses

Spring is officially here and many of us still don’t have the perfect pair of sunnies. Sunglasses are ever-popular and range in many different frame shapes. How do you know which type of sunglasses are right for you? Below you will find a list of face shapes and the sunglasses recommended for your face shape. …

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black square-neck long-sleeve with gold necklace

NOT ALL JEWELRY GOES WITH EVERY OUTFIT!  Some of you reading this love versatile pieces that can be used interchangeably with different outfits you have! You like to keep things minimal and perhaps even have a cluster wardrobe that you mix and match your pieces with. On the other hand, some of you LOVE jewelry and like different pieces for different outfits! No matter which category you fall into, you can utilize all …

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