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Why Is There So Much Pressure On Brides to Look “Timeless?”

January 23, 2023

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It’s your wedding, the big day — and what many call one of the happiest days of your life. Of course, you want everything to go to plan, including the piece de resistance: the wedding dress.

More often than not, brides concern themselves with how their wedding looks will hold up against the test of time before the big day has even arrived. This isn’t to say that these concerns are all in your head: they come from a number of different family values, societal pressures and cultural expectations. Read more to learn first why we put so much pressure on brides to look timeless, and what I like to keep in mind when styling a wedding.

bride looking back at camera with bridesmaids wearing maroon dresses for Timeless Wedding AYS blog

Is the pressure necessary?


No, I do not think that there should be so much pressure on brides to have timeless weddings. I don’t think that “timeless” is even possible, given that trends change, and that everyone’s idea of a “timeless” look is different. Your wedding photos capture your special day in that one special time of your life, which should be celebrated and appreciated forever… No matter what dress or hairstyle you chose. If you do want to follow your heart and wear something that seems risky compared to traditional weddings, do it! The look will always remind you of that moment, and will be a great story (and maybe a laugh!) in the future.

You don’t want to pick a trendy dress that’ll be out of style one day


While I am definitely an advocate for shopping without trends in mind, it’s also key to remember that fashion is fluid, and never stagnant. I think that the perfect bridal look captures a combination of what is currently trending, which includes popular makeup looks and hair styles, while also capturing some timeless elements such as the white, maxi length, and A-lines — but as surely as the sun rises, one style will eventually phase out and phase back in. Disregard the trends, and pick the dress that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident!


You don’t want to make any regrettable accessory choices — especially with the ring

There are basic guidelines for a “classic” wedding or engagement ring. Typically, it’s a solitaire diamond set in a gold, silver, or platinum band, but there are plenty of customizable options to make it your own. However, don’t let these traditional-wedding-norms lead you away from a style that’s more “you.” If you like more colorful gems than diamonds, abstract silver rings, or even a simple wedding band instead, listen to your heart, and share your ideas with your partner! At the end of the day, settling for a ring that would’ve otherwise been a more authentic expression of yourself is the only truly regrettable thing about your wedding look.

bride and groom with groosmen and bridesmaids, wearing grey suits and maroon dresses for Timeless Wedding AYS blog

Wedding days symbolize unity, a new beginning, and fertility. Generally, people love reminiscing about times when they were young and looked “their best.” 


Losing weight for a dress by means of crash-dieting has long been embedded in popular wedding-day-prep culture. Eager to look their “best”, many women feel the need to look radically different for their special day — and while I will always support those on their journey towards good health and self confidence, I’ll echo the same sentiment that I made about the wedding ring with your body image. If you are happy and comfortable, then you are more than enough! The right dress is the one that fits and flatters you, not the one that makes you feel like you have to change

There are so many things to consider when planning your wedding day outfit — striking a good balance between classic, traditional style with unique and modern flair definitely feel overwhelming. Hold fast to your own ideas of what your big day looks like to you, but I do think  it’s equally important to get more than one trusted opinion. Nobody knows your style quite like you and your stylist! Click here to get started on crafting your dream bridal look with a complimentary styling consultation.

bride and bridesmaids in maroon dresses holding bouquets for Timeless Wedding AYS blog

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  1. Marie Young says:

    Love your insights and the words “authentic expression of yourself” are lovely!

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