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How do you Style Complimentary Colors?

Complementary Color Scheme

October 10, 2022

I’m Abby!.
I'm a certified & published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with speciality in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial, and editorial styling.

Over the next 5 blog posts, I will be sharing the secret to color combining! Many of us have started to incorporate colors into our regular everyday wardrobe but, it can be hard to know which colors look good together. Today, I will address complimentary colors and how they can be combined to make you look your best! 

What are Complimentary Colors?

Complimentary colors are two colors that are located across from each other on the color wheel. Some examples include:

  • Red & green
  • Yellow & purple
  • Blue & orange

Benefits of Wearing Complimentary Colors

  • They offer a strong visual contrast.
    • If you have had a color analysis done and high contrasting colors and patterns look good on you, this would be a good color combination for you.
  • They stand out and can make a statement.


  • Wear the color that looks best on you closest to your face.
  • Color block with horizontal lines to shorten your body.
  • Wear a contrasting color under your jacket or sweater to create a slimming effect.
  • Color block with vertical lines to lengthen your body.
  • Use for triangle shaped bodies.

How to Wear Complimentary Colors

  • Grab your Style Profile and look at your best colors.
  • Decide what color you feel like wearing today.
  • Look at a color wheel, find the color you want to wear and its complementary color. 
  • Pick out clothes and accessories in those colors.
  • Remember, you can always pair neutrals with them too!
  • Wear the clothes and have an awesome day!



Curious about color combining but don’t know what colors look good on you? Schedule your color analysis with me today!

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