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color wheel and AYS laptop

Read to learn more about what colors go well together, and how to use the square color scheme to combine four different colors!

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Search “color analysis” on TikTok, and you’ll find thousands of people’s reactions to how the appearance of their complexion changes depending on the surrounding swatches of color — but how accurate is it really, and what are the benefits of doing color analysis in-person as opposed to online?

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woman wearing red plaid outfit

It’s been rainy season here in the Bay Area — but you don’t have to let the weather stop you from looking good! Read more to find out how you can be prepared to take on the rain in style.

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miguel, stephanie hsu and cardi b red carpet looks

There’s one thing we can expect from red carpet fashion: some fantastic color-matching, and some completely washed-out looks. Read more to find out which six celebrity red carpet looks hit and missed their color marks based on their skin tone, and why.

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In light of the iconic Spanish designer Paco Rabanne’s recent passing, I wanted to take a moment on my 60th blog post to reflect on the 60’s Space Age fashion era that he pioneered: to help explain what it looked like, how both timely and ahead of its time Rabanne’s vision was, and how the Space Age stays relevant to this day.

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Blazers will forever be a business-casual classic — but the wrong fit, color, and length can easily make your look feel dated… And not in a cute retro way. Carrying some of 2022’s style into the new year, longline blazers and matching sets are here to stay for the near future. Read more to find […]

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