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10 Reasons to Work with a Stylist

Picking out clothes from wardrobe

October 26, 2021

I’m Abby!.
I'm a certified & published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with speciality in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial, and editorial styling.

Myth Buster: Stylists are not just for celebrities!


Now, you may have never worked with a professional stylist or perhaps never even heard of the career; but once you work with one, you won’t want to do without. A stylist is someone who is a part of your personal team, they walk side by side with you during major life events and have your back even during trying times. You can think of a stylist in a similar light as your personal assistant, trainer, or even therapist.

10. Image Makeover

Grease Lightning Sandy1st impressions count and are made within less than ½ a second. Positive or negative traits are assigned to you within less than 4 seconds of your 1st impression! (Halo Effect)

Stylists can help create the image you want to convey to the world while helping you send the right messages through the clothes and colors you wear. Clothing can communicate and convey qualities such as: character, sociability, competence, and intelligence. 

A stylist will help you dress appropriately for different contexts (Interviews, conferences, presentations, family gatherings, etc.) in order to communicate the messages you are intending to send! They will also curate head to toe looks that incorporate all the right colors and accessories to enhance your image! Check out my guest blog post on Emily Kim Photography to learn more about how wearing certain colors can promote your business and increase sales.

9. Wardrobe Makeover

It is our goal to make sure your wardrobe matches your image; i.e., business professional entrepreneur, working mom, college student. Image should not be an afterthought! Given the importance clothes have on your image, it is important to dress appropriately for your age, career, lifestyle, and goals. 

A stylist works side by side with you during big life events and changes such as a college to career transition, new job, interview process, promotion, motherhood, fitness or health journey. Whatever the change may be, we work with your current wardrobe to access your clothing needs and help create head to toe looks (combining old and new clothes) for you that reflect your style and fashion personality! We want to make you shine and feel beautiful and confident!

8. No More Thinking, “I don’t know what to wear”

Big boho chain necklaceA stylist is the expert of YOUR CLOSET! They’ve done a closet edit, they’ve styled looks for you, and maybe they even created a cluster wardrobe for you. Whether you have A LOT of clothes or take a minimalist approach, a stylist creates looks for you, with accessories, for your lifestyle. The next time you ask yourself “What should I wear?”, the only thing you will need to do is glance at your digital or print lookbook of outfits to choose from!






7. Say Goodbye to Clothing that Doesn’t Fit

Stylists are experts. We know your body measurements and we know which items and types of clothing fit best on different body shapes. Clothing is hand picked for YOU, YOUR MEASUREMENTS, and YOUR BODY! We buy the right items that fit your body the first time; saving you time (returns or exchanges), space (clothes that sit in your closet), and money.

6. Clothing Confidence

Black jumpsuit and gold hoop earringsFeel positive and confident in what you are wearing because your clothes have been picked out just for you by your stylist. Your wardrobe has been individualized based on your own unique body shape and colors. 

You are dressed appropriately for the right context, dressed your age, wearing colors that bring out your natural glow, and wearing items that accent your body. Get ready to hear compliments such as, “Oooo I love your clothes.” “I wish I was dressed like her.” “You look great!”





5. Alleviate Stress from Travel Packing or Special Occasions

Blue striped crop top and white shortsIt is part of a stylist’s job to not only pick out your clothing for vacation, business travel, and special occasions, but to pack for you too!

We make sure all of your outfits are picked out for the designated length of the trip to save you space in your luggage and save you from decision fatigue when you are away!

Completely unwind knowing what you will wear, that you are dressed appropriately for the given context, and that everything fits in your suitcase!


Check out my Instagram reels about Keeping your Sanity white packing here







4. Time Value

mini gold necklaceDid you know…?

… the average person goes on 30 clothes shopping trips a year, spending approximately 135 minutes at the mall each time. That’s 67.5 hours a year at the mall!

… the average person spends 100 hours a year shopping for clothes, add shoe shopping and you’re up to 140.5 hours. If you break it down, that’s 12 hours a month shopping for clothes and shoes!

… the average person spends 49 hours a year window shopping. That’s 4 hours a month of window shopping.

Save time shopping by meeting your stylist at just 1 store to try on personally curated items from throughout the mall, have an in-home fitting try-on-haul, or have a virtual fitting with a personalized box of clothes sent to you directly from your stylist’s picks! Stylists are well connected to stores and boutiques where they curate the best looks for you that match your aesthetic. They also know where to find certain items that may take you forever to find. 

Stylists are able to pick out clothing that matches your style, fits you, is hard to find, matches pieces you already have in your closet, is high quality and will last longer, and get clothing on special sales and discounts that only they know about. 

Check out my Instagram reel about time value here

3. Perfect Gift Giving

Stylists will not only pick out the perfect gifts, but save you time and money from the gift giving process. Chances are, your stylist will have great gift ideas because they are continuously shopping and always on the lookout for the hottest items. Since they are already at the mall, they can simply pick out and pick up the gift for you. Stylists are also connected to boutiques and stores which means they will likely know about new items and great deals FIRST! 

2. Keep You in Fashion Loop

Through your personal relationship with your stylist, their blog, Instagram, or newsletter, you will always be kept in the loop for the latest trends, designers, stores, and sales! 

1. Fashion Emergency

Since your stylist is a part of your team, they are ready for any fashion emergency you might have! Your dress ripped? Don’t have the right bra? A hem came undone? Button popped off? You and so and so are wearing the same thing? Most stylists are skilled in the sewing basics and can help you with quick repairs or tricks to hide fabric issues. Stylists offer on-call services to help you either virtually or in person to make sure you are wearing body confident clothing; feeling good in what you’re wearing.

↓ Questions? Comments? Please let me know if you currently work with a stylist or if you’re looking to work with one, check out my site! ↓

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  1. Marie Young says:

    Could you do a story and show a quick look book or digital book sample of what you’ve done? I’ve never heard of this and could have used it last night! Gracias darling daughter! Love you!

  2. Abby Young says:

    Yes! Next time I create a lookbook for a client I would be happy to share an example!

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