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Choosing the Right Hat for Your Face Shape

Different types of hats

October 13, 2021

I’m Abby!.
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What Hat is Right for Me?


When you look your best, you feel your best, which inspires confidence, and thus creates a positive 1st impression and positive perception of you. I have outlined some of the most common types of hats and what type of face shape they can be worn by in general, look the best on, and any face shapes that should avoid wearing them!


Different types of hats


Wide Brimmed Hat Gigipip brown felt wide brimmed hat


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For


Beret yellow felt beret hat


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For


Floppy Hat The Golden Crane brown floppy hat


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
All  Square: it softens the strong angular lines of the chin
Diamond/Heart: it adds width to the jawline


Boater Hat Janessa Leone raffia boater hat


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
Oval  Oval: its circular shape widens Round: the hat shape mirrors the face shape, adding width
Diamond/Heart Diamond/Heart: short brim ensures chin is not diminished by comparison


Fedora Lock & Co black fedora


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
Round Round: angular crown lengthens, wide brim narrows by contrast Oval: high shallow crowns extend length
Square Square: Worn at an angle it can break the symmetry of jawline Diamond/Heart: Wide brims narrow chin further by contrast


Baseball Cap Athleta orange baseball cap


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
All  Oval: deep crown shortens
Round: structure gives face definition


Beanie Quince grey ribbed beanie


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
All Oval: wear further forward on forehead
Square: soft structure counters angular jaw
Diamond/Heart: slouchy shape softens angular chin


Cossack white fur cossack hat


Can Be Worn By Best For Avoid For
Oval Oval: deep crown reduces length Round: hiding forehead reduces length

↓Comments? Questions? Still confused, figure out your face shape by booking a 30 minute silhouette analysis with me here.

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  1. Marie Young says:

    Great tips and nicely layed out! Thank you! Hats are so cute, but I usually avoid wearing them. Now I feel confident I can find one that works.

    I hope you’ll consider doing a hair accessories blog. Seems that scarves tied into a pony are back and hair accessories are fun and add to the finished look of an outfit! Love you!

  2. Abby Young says:

    Great I am so glad! Yes, I will add hair accessories to my list of blog topics to write about!

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