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The Mob Wife Aesthetic, Explained

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January 29, 2024

I’m Abby!.
I'm a certified & published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with speciality in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial, and editorial styling.

Maybe you’ve seen the TikTok series from lifestyle and fashion commentator @ktrivz, or noticed a pattern (or three) in the clothing store windows. Maybe you dreamt of being one of them, in all their golden glory. To see a mob wife onscreen is to dream of being in their world, and to be one is just a matter of selling a story. It’s Winter of 2024, and it’s time to bundle up like it’s the 60’s in Sicily; ciao, and welcome to the mob wife era. 

Earlier this month, TikTok content creator Kayla Trivieri put a building momentum and cultural shift into words, announcing definitively that “clean girl is out,” and “the mob wife era is in.” As catchy as it sounds, it wasn’t quite as radical of a movement as she makes it seem. The “clean girl aesthetic,” represented by its neutral color scheme, matching athleisure sets, minimal jewelry, and simple, snatched hairstyles, had a firm hold on many corners of the internet since the start of the pandemic. However, within those three years, maximalist fashion has also been alive and well, in the form of the floral printed, pearl-clad coquette and heavily accessorized Y2K styles. Almost as a rebellious response to the stripped-down “clean girl” aesthetic, these louder, more personality-filled looks paved the way for the current mob wife craze that we find ourselves in today. 

If you’ve ever seen Italian-American mob-inspired movies and television series such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, Scarface, and The Sopranos, you’ll know that the women share a number of experiences as the matriarchs of the family. There’s also a shared love of big fur coats, animal prints, heavy gold jewelry, and big sunglasses. Brands like Gucci, Versace, and Pucci capture this Italian opulence well: reflecting the bright, loud, and showy polar opposite of quiet luxury. 

This last month, the iconic show The Sopranos celebrated the 25th anniversary of its initial release in 1999. A true testament to the cyclical nature of trends, the return of the 90’s mob wife aesthetic is anything but random. This year, try channeling your inner Carmela Soprano with big blowouts and hair updos, tennis chain necklaces, and stacks of your flashiest rings.
For guidance on how to tap into your inner mob wife and all the other style visions you have for yourself, book a complimentary phone consultation with us here to learn more about our Lookbook Creation services! We look forward to working with you — until then, arrivederci!

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