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Timeless vs. Trendy Watches

April 17, 2023

I’m Abby!.
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Fashion-influencing celebrities like Bella Hadid and Emma Chamberlain as well as TikTok’s It-Girls are bringing watches back in a variety of different styles — but which ones are actually worth investing in? Keep reading for a stylist’s opinion on which luxury watches should actually be considered timeless time-pieces, and which watch trends are just a passing phase.




Cartier: Panthère


This watch will always be the perfect, dainty-yet-functional accessory. The thicker bezel and almost hidden watch-face gives the appearance of this piece more of a bracelet-quality: one that can be easily matched with any outfit.


Patek Philippe: Stainless Steel Nautilus 


Easily recognizable by its rounded-square face, markers and hands, the Nautilus is a strong choice — and not just for men. Coming in a range of sizes, they are sure to be easy-to-wear statement pieces among those who know a thing or two about watches.

man in maroon shirt with hand on woman's shoulder

Hermes: Single-strap Cape Cod 


The leather-strap Cape Cod is one of the most iconic small-faced watches on the market, and for good reason! These are simple yet elegant, and can be easily dressed up and dressed down. 



Bulgari: Serpenti Tubogas 


Don’t get me wrong: I love how the Serpenti watch looks. I recently saw the three-toned version in a magazine, and was surprised by how much I liked it. However, my appreciation for it is based on its photoshoot-worthiness, rather than its degree of timelessness and practicality. It definitely should not be your first, second… or even third watch. Maybe just leave it for the editorial shoots.


Cartier: Gold-bezel Baignoire


The Baignoire, arguably the number 1 it-girl watch-choice of the year. Although the gold-bezel versions do give the appearance of having vintage, old-money taste, I have a hunch that they’ll quickly phase out due to the sudden explosion of them onto our social media feeds. 


Rolex: Yellow Gold Daytona 


Maximalism is and has been “in” for over a year now, but overly-flashy luxury watches should be left behind. Rather than an all-yellow-gold watch, consider breaking up some of the metallics with a dark or white face.

2023 has been deemed “The Year of the Watch” by many, so you can expect to see an influx of them on your feeds if you haven’t already. I hope this blog helped you catch up to the recent watch trends, and stirred up a few opinions of your own! Are you in the market for a new timepiece, but still feeling indecisive about it? Schedule a call with me HERE to discuss ongoing styling services, and to finally rid yourself of shopping-decision-fatigue.

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