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Guest Blog: I’m Liza from Bay Area Boudoir! Today I’m excited to share some professional insight on what to wear to your boudoir shoot.

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White and cream blazers

After two years without professional business photos, I knew it was time to hire a branding photographer for new photos. I had put it off long enough and knew it was time! Here are the top 10 things I learned from my own branding shoot: …

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Cream polo

As a photographer, whenever I think of an idea or a concept to shoot, the first thing I think of is how to make it more impactful. How to make it stand out from the rest. What better can I do than convey what I am trying to show through my photographs. When I first started doing fashion photography, I didn’t pay much attention to styling. I would often help put together a few outfits and shoot them. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. I started to realise the importance of having a stylist on the team. I can tell that my best shoots are often the ones that involve a stylist in them, who…

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Girl's hangout

Emily is a brand photographer for passionate small business owners who want to stand out online as local industry leaders. At Emily Kim Photography, she provides creative and strategic marketing imagery that is in line with your business goals. She also runs a creative space for rent in South Los Altos, The Sunlight Space. You can find her on Instagram @emilykimphoto or on her website Woohoo! So, you’ve got a photoshoot on the calendar. You’ve booked your hair and makeup, and you’ve created your shot list with your photographer.  And then, the dreaded question arises… “What do I even WEAR?!”…

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