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six different female body shapes

Can’t find something that looks good? Your clothes don’t fit right? Wondering why a certain style never looks good on you? Time to get down to the basics. There are six basic body types or silhouettes for women…

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Chakra tshirt and converse

Each of the seven chakras corresponds to a color. Jolene Hart, beauty and wellness expert and health coach, mentions in her book Ignite Your Light, “Just by bringing energy and consciousness to a specific chakra, you begin to support your health in that area.” She adds, “Because each chakra is associated with a color, finding the chakra or chakras that could use extra attention could inspire you to bring a certain color into your life through food, clothing, or other objects (66). As a stylist, I want to encourage you to…

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black pinstripe suit

Now why haven’t you ______ yet? What is stopping you? Are you still waiting or perhaps procrastinating? Have you thought about why you might be stuck or not moving forward? Are you lacking confidence, feeling too overwhelmed, unsure, scared, or embarrassed? Have you expressed any of the following statements lately? “I haven’t earned the bonus… yet” “I haven’t gotten the promotion… yet” “I haven’t talked to my boss… yet” “I haven’t made the career move… yet” “I haven’t started working out… yet” Overcome feeling stuck or frustrated by investing …

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