Connie, Insurance Analyst

August 16, 2022

I’m Abby!.
I'm a certified & published fashion stylist located in Silicon Valley with speciality in personal styling, color analysis and runway, commercial, and editorial styling.

“Abby did an amazing job with my color and silhouette analysis and closet edit. And, I managed to downsize my wardrobe to a more manageable amount. Using some of her styling tips, I was able to put together a very good outfit to a party (where I didn’t know anyone) but I managed to get compliments from BOTH men and women. I really appreciate Abby for being so knowledgeable on the in’s and out’s of styling while also taking into account that many people who work in the SF Bay Area are dressing for niche industries inspired from traditional industries (which means old-school industry meets tech and that makes dressing for work extra difficult). I highly recommend Abby to anyone who wants to dress for success, dress to impress or simply just dress for your pure enjoyment.”

Connie, Insurance Analyst

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