Clear your closet AND your mind! Let us help you align your wardrobe with who you are, and allow your clothes to reflect who you want to be.

If you've ever...

Felt a lack of confidence in your clothes

Wished that you had a defined personal style and look

felt like you had nothing to wear

been too tired or overwhelmed to shop for yourself

... then this service was made for you.

"This was one of the best experiences and gifts I gave myself."

- Abbie, bestselling author

Wardrobe Edit + Personal Shopping


A. Together, we will examine your closet to determine what stays, what needs to be altered or dry-cleaned, and what will be donated or discarded. You and your closet will feel completely refreshed after it’s done.

B. Choosing from the best options selected from a combination of online and brick & mortar stores, we’ll shop for you to fill in missing gaps in your wardrobe, update your clothing to reflect who you are today, and choose items that flatter your silhouette, colors, and support your lifestyle.

Your Personalized Style Profile Includes:


Complimentary Phone Consultation


- During our complimentary phone call, we’ll discuss your personal needs, goals, and lifestyle to curate a custom style that best supports you & your style goals.

A. Style Questionnaire:
     - With this short questionnaire, we'll be able to curate a personalized shopping experience tailored to you and your life.

B. Silhouette Analysis:
     - In this stage, we’ll take your measurements in order to successfully style and shop for you based on your silhouette. 

C. Color Analysis:
     - Color analysis is the final foundational piece to the styling process. We use color drapes to determine which colors highlight your natural glow and draw attention to your face in order to send your intended messages.

D. Personalized Style Profile
     - Within a week after your Style Consultation appointment, you'll receive your Personalized Style Profile, which includes your silhouette & color analysis results.

Clothes Fitting & Styling Session/Digital Lookbook Creation


A. It's time for the fun part: during our clothes fitting, you'll get to try on all the clothes, jewelry & shoes that we've purchased for you in the comfort of your own home.

We'll take care of all returns and exchanges for you, and arrange for any necessary tailoring and cobbling to be mailed or handed back to you.

B. Using your new and existing clothes, our Styling Session will equip you with a variety of outfits depending on your styling needs; including but not limited to everyday wear, work attire, and special events. We also offer Digital Lookbook Creation for an all-encompassing catalog of every outfit combination in your closet.

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Abby took me out of my comfort zone and got me into an entire new closet of clothes that helped me re-brand myself personally and professionally. I still have my boots and jeans but now I have a ton of other options to wear. My wife loves the new look and I feel really good when I wear them.

— Kyle, Chief Data Officer Consultant