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The Online Entrepreneur

Styling services uniquely curated for high-level entrepreneurs ready to nail first impressions, spark magnetic connections, and radiate undeniable star quality.

Here's another question for you...

What are two things that 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs Jenna Kutcher, Amy Porterfield, Jasmine Star, and Tony Robbins all have in common?

First, they’re the undeniable thought-leaders in their industry. The second thing?

Isn’t it time that your brand image reflects the quality of your work?

They all look the part.

if you've ever...

...Felt completely overwhelmed when it comes to packing

From networking dinners and daily excursions to lounging poolside, there are so many outfits to think about before you even arrive. You know how important it is to look like the expert you are, but your current style isn’t positioning you as the pro you really are. 

...Booked a last-minute appearance (yay!) but you have nothing to wear

You should be focusing on your content, and instead you're stressing about what to wear. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

...Felt invisible in a crowd

You think you’re being proactive by renting all your RTR outfits, until you start seeing at least 2 other people at the conference wearing the same exact thing. Say goodbye to all chances of this happening!


then you've come to the right place.

We get it...

We know the life of an online entrepreneur requires you to wear ALL the hats. From CEO, to head of sales, to boss-babe next door – the nature of your work requires you to be multifaceted… And you deserve a wardrobe that can keep up with all of you.

That’s why we support you with styling for every Zoom meeting, Mastermind Retreat, conference, networking reception, and any other special events that your unique lifestyle demands. 

Consider this styling package the next step to establishing a consistently memorable brand-image, and to nailing that wow factor every time you enter a room or step onstage!

Yes, please!

Personal Shopping

Based on your personal preferences and specialized styling needs, we will shop for the wardrobe items that not only make you feel your best but leave a lasting impression that best represents you. 

In-Person Fitting

We’ll set up a rolling rack in your home with the clothing, accessories and shoe options we've purchased for you, From there, we'll take care of any necessary returns, exchanges, and tailoring/cobbling.

Customized Lookbook Creation for...


+ 5 Zoom Masterclass outfits

+ 2 Keynote Speaker Outfits

+ 2 Travel Outfits

"it's not a want, it's a need"

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+ 2 Loungewear Outfits 

+ 1 Poolside Outfit 

Abby approaches her craft with the utmost professionalism and expertise. She helps you build confidence in your style and really understand what clothes, colors, and styles compliment you the best. Abby’s work isn’t just about style, it’s about elevating your personal and professional brand, and I cannot wait to continue working with her.

— Lia, bestselling author & business coach

I've never had content this great before French 75. My social media is totally exploding with engagement.

— Jennifer, co-Founder, Tonic site shop

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